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Thermo regulating
wearable duvets.


Why do you need one?

The short: You haven't felt truly comfy until you try one of these.


The long:

✅ Actively regulates to your own body temp

✅ Balances to your surrounding climate

✅ Not too hot, not too cold, just very comfy

✅ Softer than any duvet you've felt before

✅ Designed by a thermodynamics engineer

✅ One size fits most

✅ Machine washable

✅ Perfect for people with irritable skin

✅ Helps reduce stress

✅ Sustainably made

✅ Looks fantastic

Warm & cool

Engineered for year-round comfort.

The only wearable
cooling duvet.

Imagine wearing a premium hotel duvet that actively regulates to your own body temp and climate. Now imagine that but softer.

Not too hot, not too cold, just very very comfy.

Thermo regulating.

What do you mean?

Our mechanical engineer founder has combined his background in thermodynamics (the physics of heat and temperature) with cutting edge performance textiles, to create a fabric/filler combination that breathes to you and your surroundings.

PLUS they have the highest Qmax available!


The cucumber tech

Antonia1 touched.jpg

The fit


One size fits most.

With our cool as design, you get a wearable duvet that's free to move around and sized well for most people.

The perfect balance of fit, cosiness & comfort.

Fabric/filler combo?

Outer Layer

Simply couldn't be more soft or smooth.

Cool to the touch of your skin.
The outer layer starts cool and then adapts to your own body temp.

Wicks moisture at a very high rate.
Keeping you dry, cool and comfy.

Machine washable and anti-sagging.

Inner Filling

Made to breathe.

Engineered to self regulate.
When combined with the outer layer, the filling blend will balance itself to your temp and climate for maximum comfort.

Skin sensitive, additive free and antibacterial.

Our lyocell is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus fibres and our microfibre comes from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

What is Qmax exactly?

The coolness sensation of a fabric on your skin is measured in Qmax.
As you can see here our secret Cucumber blend ranks the highest.









Cucumber Outer Layer


The Loo

But do they look cool?

What's the point of all this fancy thermodynamically engineered material if they don't look cool too. Cucumber wearables provide a duvet-like freedom of movement and come in a range of neutral colours.


Design meets comfort.
Perfect for working from home, Netflix Sundays or camping trips.

Image by Matthew Henry
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  • Out of stock?
    We're currently working on our next batch of stock. We'll update you as soon as it's ready. Add your email to our list for an automatic 50% OFF discount code.
  • Can I wear it on the beach?
    If it's windy, cold, early morning/late arvo, the answer is yes! Our wearable duvets are great for those conditions. If you're in the tropics middle of the day sun, the answer is no. This is science, not magic.
  • Why should I buy this over the other wearable blanket options?
    Our cucumber material technology is what sets us apart. Basically, you're getting a wearable blanket that's thick, plush, weighted and soft like a premium duvet but will regulate your temperature much better than the well known options on the market. You'll be super cosy and warm but not hot, sweaty or itchy.
  • I have a skin condition and get irritable easily. Will this work for me?
    Yes we believe it will. Due to the super soft, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic properties of our materials, we believe our wearable duvet will be great for you.


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